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Zena Natural Pro-Retinol Peel

Zena Natural Pro-Retinol Peel

Described as a "baby" algae peel with no downtime. Still provides a slight spicule sensation, but much less than the algae peel. Can also be used on the body. 

Ideal for clients who cannot tolerate the algae peel due to sensitivity, or for maintenance when results have been achieved. 


Algae Extract: the spicules create channels in the skin, allowing for penetration of other products, and provides a mechanical exfoliation. 

Bakuchiol: A gentler, natural retinol-alternative to help improve texture and increase firmness. 

ß-Carotene: Provides antioxidants to help heal skin.

Pigmentation Pro Tip: Use the Pro-Retinol Peel in combination with Zena Balance Serum for home care to target pigmentation. 

How to Use for Home care: Apply a thin layer to clean skin at night. Gently massage into skin for 3 minutes. Remove thoroughly with cold water.  Follow with targeted serums or ampoules, and post-treatment gel. Depending on skin, can be used 1x every 7-10 days. Should not be used in combination with AHA/BHA treatments or during the algae peel recovery period. 

Sample Protocol Here

50ml (roughly 10-12 treatments)


Purified water, glycerin, algae extract,D-Panthenol, Bakuchiol, ß-Carotene, Sharomix EG 10, Tocopherol, Ficin, Carbomer, Sodium Hydroxide, Leucidal.


Pigmentation, acne, scarring

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