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The Esthetician Facial Towel

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The Esthetician Facial Towel

Plush, heavenly, and supremely inviting. Wrap your client's face in what's been described as a blanket for the face. Thoughtfully curated for the treatment room, they cover both the face and neck.


Looking for mitts? We have the softest microfiber mitts around 


Why We Love Them

  • Super convenient for treatments that don't require your client to undress, since they don't extend onto the décolleté.  
  • Extremely versatile, perfect for a med spa setting, back facials, and even massage therapists
  • Ultra soft cotton enhances the client experience
  • Thick enough to effectively remove product, but thin enough to heat quickly
  • 13" wide X 14" tall

What Others Are Saying

“These are the best facial towels I have ever used! They are incredibly soft, wash well, make product removal a breeze and are extremely well priced!”

“I received these amazing towels as a purchase for Black Friday. They are super soft and complement the bamboo facial rounds perfectly! It was a pleasant surprise to open the package and see the change in material. Order these towels! Soft, affordable, beautifully designed.”