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s-KIN II Cartridges

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NEW s-KIN II Needling Pen Tip Cartridges

(If you've purchased the sKIN Pen in the past, these tips WILL NOT WORK WITH THAT DEVICE. You will need to purchase these tips for the last generation pen) 

These cartridges, are made of surgical stainless steel and work with our sKIN II Needling Pen.

  • Come in a sterilized package. 
  • Single use only.

With Nano Tip Cartridge

  • Delivers hydration and nutrients non-invasively into the top layer of the skin
  • Similar to micro-channeling
  • Ideal for estheticians who cannot microneedling due to state licensing regulations

With Microneedle Tip

  • Encourages the body’s innate ability to repair the skin and stimulate collagen
  • Ideal for scarring, wrinkles, and texture issues
  • 12 pin and 36 pin tip cartridges available