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Reset Skin System Dermal Needling Device

Reset Skin System Dermal Needling Device

The Reset Skin System Dermal Needling pen is designed for professionals. It's a cordless device that is for micro and nanoneedling. It has five speeds with an adjustable depth up to 2.5mm.

Includes a one year warranty, and anytime support. PDF Manual is downloadable in the order confirmation email. Note: the manual explains the basics of how to operate the device, and isn't meant to service as needling training. Our digital nano needling course can be found here

 Tip cartridges sold separately, and can be purchased here

Here are some of our favorite products to use with our Reset Skin System:

Leedfrost, an effective, FDA approved, and affordable numbing cream

Translucent esthetic wraps to increase the speed of numbing


  • Speed 6000-12000 RPM
  • Needle Depth .25-2.5mm
  • Adapter 4.2V-500MA
  • Class 1 Registration: 878.4820
  • RPM: Red: 12,000 Purple: 11,000 Blue: 10,000 Yellow: 8,000 Green: 6,000

*If you have the original silver pen engraved 'Kin Professional', the tips that work with this device, won't work for that one. Please contact us in that case. 




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