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Retail is such an important part of an esthetician's business. Not only can it be a large part of our income, but the loyalty it helps create goes a long way in helping to grow our practices. Also, we all know the importance of good home care. So, we wanted to share some tips that we thought may be helpful.


Don't Assume

It's important we don't emotionally discount, or make assumptions on what someone can or can't afford.  The truth is, there are plenty of people who can't afford things, but still buy them; whether it's impulsively or because it's a priority. 

Present the homecare products, explain why it will benefit them, and then let them choose whether it's worth it. Also, even if they start with one of the products and work their way up, that's still a success. We've had plenty of clients buy just the moisturizer, for example, and then come back for the other products. 


The Down Side of Drop Shipping

Sometimes drop shipping is necessary, we get it.  It's an easy way to free up money and not have it tied into inventory sitting on the shelf.  However, if we have products on hand, we're likely to sell more.  In today's world of instant gratification, the easier we can make a transaction the better. 

Another reason we're not the biggest fans of drop-shipping is because you're missing the opportunity to connect with your customer on a personal level.  If you ship directly to your client you're able to write a personal note, control how it's packaged, add postcards with future discounts, or even samples to get them back on your website.   Also, we've heard through the grapevine that many of these professional skincare companies that provide drop shipping will sometimes include their own discount coupons in an effort to get the customer to shop directly on their site. Eeek. 

If having too much inventory on hand is a concern, scale it down by picking a handful of tried and true products. If it doesn't sell and/or you're not passionate about it, get rid of it. We've liquidated two lines in the last year in our spa and are feeling so much more in tune with the retail we have to offer.


Enough With The Glass Cabinets

We know that theft is a serious problem, especially for small businesses, but glass cases are not inviting and are actually a turn off.  If theft is a serious problem, cameras are now pretty affordable and will deter most.  The point is, we want products as accessible as possible, and while we're on the topic.....


Have Testers Available

Testers are a great conversation starter, and they allow the customer to feel, smell and experience the product first hand. Get some small stickers and write "Tester" on them and put them on the shelf.  It's been said that if we can get the product in the clients hand, it's *almost* a surefire sale. 


Clean + Aesthetically Pleasing

This should go without saying, but please make sure the retail is dust free.  Dust regularly (both products and shelves) and rearranging regularly keeps things fresh.

Props like baskets, pillars, and decorative things like vases, and crystals can really make a retail area pop. Add some color and height with items you have laying around. Get creative! We use small pieces of sanded wood to give products height and make them stand out (as shown in the image). 


Shelf Talkers

Shelf talkers are postcards, brochures, posters or the like that are strategically set out that essentially help capture your customers eye, and assist in selling the product.  Some skincare companies offer these for a nominal fee, or you can easily make your own on Canva! We use small pieces of PVC pipe with a slit in them to hold the postcard!


Post About It

The best way to sell retail outside of after a treatment, is posting about it!  Don't be shy.   Send out regular emails, post on Youtube, IG, FB and Tik Tok.  Here are some ideas for content/posts:


  • Send out a monthly newsletter about new products. We must put ourselves in the mind of the consumer and not the esthetician. What might they find helpful?
  • Showcase your favorite products and how to use them (don't forget to include links to your Youtube, FB video, etc)
  • Send out exclusive sales for your newsletter subscribers 
  • Segmented emails - for example, if you're client buys a product it will automatically send them an email giving them tips on how to use it, and maybe share another product they may be interested in
  • Seasonal skincare routine ideas



  • Share your favorite products and how to use them
  • Share your routine
  • Tips, Tricks and Dupes
  • Use this rather than that
  • Common skin conditions and how to improve them with products you sell
  • Post about products clients shouldn't be using when you see them at the store


If you decide to incorporate any of these ideas, let us know!  And of course we'd love to see your retail areas, so tag us on social media @kinprofessional

In skincare + business,

Sarah & Julie

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