Don't Forget The Scalp: An Easy Upgrade Worth Charging For

Posted by Sarah Kinsler-Holloway on

How good does a scalp massage feel? I had it done once during a facial and it was hands down my favorite part. I thought, I need to work this into my own services! 

I want to share my relaxing and appreciably beneficial scalp protocol that can be incorporated into any facial, or as an add-on.

 This scalp treatment can be done at any point during the facial, however, time-wise, it makes the most sense while the client is masking. 

You will need three things for this upgrade, one of which you already have, your hands.   First, you'll need a high frequency device, and specifically one with a comb, like the one below.



High frequency improves blood circulation, and stimulates the hair follicle. 
To use, keep your finger on the probe until it has touched the client.  Failing to do so may create a little bit of a shock.  Although not harmful, it can be startling and a bit uncomfortable.  We recommend 3-5 minutes of high frequency on the scalp


Second, you'll want to snag some Thara Sacra's Transcend Scalp Balm. This stuff is everything it sounds like;  beautiful, rich and luxurious. Shop here, and use our code KINPRO2 for 10% your order!


It's a moisturizing and soothing massage balm for the scalp that melts into oil on contact. It stimulates the scalp and activates crown chakra with an uplifting, ethereal blend of essential oils that elevate consciousness, connect freely to spirit, and ground us in the knowledge that all life is interconnected.

How To Use: Take a small amount of product out of the jar and rub between fingertips to melt to oil. Massage deeply into the scalp for 5-10 minutes. Leave on for at least 20 minutes. For a deeper treatment, have your client leave on overnight. 

 Try it out, and let us know what you think.  Tag us @kinprofessional

Oh, and because we know some of you will ask, we recommend charging extra for this ritual scalp treatment, anywhere from $15 up! 

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