5 Reasons You Need A Derma Healer

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I have been using the Derma Healer in the treatment room for a few years now, and it's honestly my go-to for quick product penetration, and thermotherapy. 

The Derma Healer is a 4 in 1 device that offers versatility in the treatment room. Here are 5 reasons why you need this device:


4 Modalities in one handheld device

There are four different settings on the Derma Healer:

Thermotherapy + Red LED also known as the activation mode helps warm the skin, increasing product penetration, and providing the healing benefits of Red LED (640nm).  

Thermotherapy helps increase circulation and product penetration. It also just feels really amazing on the skin.

Ultrasonic + Green LED is known as the "resilience" mode. It jumpstarts collagen production, reduces inflammation, and promotes blood circulation (532nm)

Using this mode will release ultrasonic waves, which will lift, tighten and tone the skin.  It also helps reduce puffiness, stimulate circulation and increase cell metabolism. 

Iontophoresis + Blue LED (dewy skin mode) increases product absorption while also having a calming and vasoconstrictive effect on the skin, helping to reduce sensitivity and redness. (423 nm)

Iontophoresis is also known as a transdermal delivery system.  It works by using a low electrical current to carry products through the skin. It's often referred to as a needless injection. 

Thermotherapy + Ultrasonic + Blue LED + Red LED (mixed care mode) provides all the benefits of above in one easy step.

When thermotherapy and ultrasound are used together, they increase product penetration ten fold.  I generally use this setting at the end of a facial over a sheet mask or serum. 


Less than $200

At $180 you have a device that increases product penetration, lifts and tightens the skin, helps decrease hyperpigmentation, and just simply feels amazing. 

Also, this device can be retailed to your clients so they can be used between facial appointments!


Versatility in the treatment room

Thermotherapy is both relaxing and therapeutic, and there are many ways in which you can incorporate it into a facial. Two of my favorite ways to incorporate this setting is to use it at the beginning of a facial to soften the skin, making it easier to work with, and making extractions that much easier. It's also great to use over top of sheet masks to increase product absorption. 

Pro Tip for easier extractions: apply an enzyme mask and cover with one of our translucent esthetic wraps. Next use the Derma Healer on the Thermotherapy setting.  This will activate the enzyme much quicker. Only use this technique on skin you've worked on before.



Korean backed science

Korea is known for innovation, especially within the beauty industry.  

"Because the market is so big and complex, brands need to work hard in order to stand out. This is one of the reasons K-beauty sees so much innovation, and it also drives high-quality products and competitive pricing"  TechNavio

They are years ahead of the western market, and continue to spark new global trends.  This is one of the reasons why we are so big on bringing Korean skincare and equipment to our customers.


Quality + Commitment 

This device is a beast.  I love that it stays charged for hours on end.  I charge it once a week after using it over and over again.

The Derma Healer comes with a year warranty, but lifetime support.  Should you ever have any questions, we are here to help you.  That is our commitment to you.

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