3 Skincare Trends Currently Happening in Korea

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We're all about the trends coming out of Asia; specifically Korea.  So we're excited to share some of the trends we're seeing currently in Korea!


Minimizing Environmental Impact + Plant-Based Beauty

 water-less products

There's a lot to unpack here, but we'll start with product formulation.  Have you heard of water-free products?  It's a growing trend in Korea, and not only is it better for the environment by reducing the overall carbon footprint, but it also tends to give the product a longer shelf life!

Hanbang skincare

Hanbang (pronounced hahn-bahng) skincare uses traditional herbal ingredients to create formulations and techniques which reflect the principles of Traditional Korean Medicine. Hanbang is all about building the skin barrier, and increasing it's immunity, and fermented ingredients, do just that! Fermentation has incredible health benefits for the skin.  Not only does it help break down ingredients into smaller molecules making them more readily absorbed, but they also contain antioxidants which help combat premature aging.

"Clean" beauty

We're also seeing a "clean" beauty movement.  This means free from fragrance, artificial ingredients and additives.  Many manufacturers are switching over to vegan options.  For example, Salmon DNA, (or sperm, lets just call it what it is, hah!) is slowly being traded for plant stem cell alternatives.  Several companies we work directly with have mentioned they are facing mounting pressure from their government to make more sustainable, plant-based skincare. 


Goodbye Dewy Skin

I know it's hard to believe, but that glazed donut look has already passed in Korea, even though it's still at its height of popularity here.  

The dew has been replaced with a soft matte finish.  I'm honestly not sure how I feel about this.  I find a dewy complexion healthy and youthful looking, but maybe that's just me.



According to Odile Modon, an art director working in the Korean beauty industry, the 10 step skincare routine was actually never a Korean thing.  She has a video on her youtube channel where she debunks this trend. 

But, there is definitely a movement towards practicing minimal skincare; not only in the amount of steps, but also the amount of ingredients used. 

"Skip-Care" is a term that is used to describe a minimalist skincare routine, often focusing on just the essentials.  I'm actually super excited about this "trend" because in my experience, the more elaborate the skincare routine, the more likely the barrier will be disrupted.  

Simplifying also takes away the pressure of an unachievable (at least for most) skincare routine.  I'm sorry, but who has time for 10 steps anyway? 


There you have it, 3 trends currently happening in Korea, an something we can all look forward to, except maybe the matte skin look (hah!)


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