Winter Facial Trends + Inspo

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I don't want to rush the seasons, especially fall, which has just started, but I'm a planner, and before we know it, winter will be here. 

Which leads me to: Have you thought about your winter specials?

I love the winter season, and especially love offering my clients a warm cozy bed to relax in after they've trudge through snow to get to me. 

Here are some winter-ish ideas to inspire you this upcoming holiday season:

Setting the mood

  • Deviate from the normal spa water, and why not offer your clients a warm beverage upon arrival?  It's a great way to switch things up, and I'm sure they'll be so grateful for something warm. Some of my favorite drinks to serve are below:

Warm Ginger Tea - I love how soothing this is. The lemon and honey really warm the body.

Chamomile Tea Latte - It is so delicious and easy to make!

If you want to continue to offer spa water, here is one of my seasonal favorites, Cranberry Orange spa water 

  • Light candles to make your space even more cozy. I'm not a fan of because I think it can sometimes be overwhelming, so even lighting unscented candles gives a beautiful effect.

  • Provide your clients with warm slippers 
  • If you have a diffuser, switch up your scents for something more festive, like peppermint.


Seasonal Upgrades + Inspo

Who doesn't love a paraffin treatment?  This is such an easy and inexpensive add-on to offer during facials and it feels amazing!  If you don't have paraffin, there are also hydrating mitts you can heat up and put on your clients hands or feet.  You can even take it a step further and do a light exfoliation prior to the paraffin treatment or hydrating mitts!

Another special touch is heating your cleanser up and apply with a mask brush. It's different, feels amazing, and sets the tone of the facial.

Seasonal offerings are always fun, and regardless of what brand you use, there will certainly be some seasonal masks available.  I love incorporating anything warm, like a warm honey mask. 

One of my favorite parts of being an esthetician is the creativity it allows.  I really encourage you to think outside the box and get fun with it.  I know my clients love how I switch things up. 

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