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I thought it would be appropriate to dedicate a blog to this beautiful line of botanical based skincare; Mutoface.  It's relatively new to our site, but we've been using it for almost a year now!



Mutoface Milkmile Cleansing Lotion

Milkmile Cleansing Lotion

Milkmile Cleansing Lotion is their most gentle cleanser, and has virtually no scent; making it perfect for reactive skin.

This cleanser breaks up makeup and surface oils, but is best applied to damp skin, and then removed with a damp cloth or tissue. 

We love this cleanser for those with skin sensitivities because of the high concentration of Chamomile and Gentian Root extract, both of which are highly anti-inflammatory.  

Sugar Maple extract, is a naturally derived AHA which has antibacterial properties and helps exfolliate and repair damage skin caused by free radicals. 

This cleanser is not recommended for clients who are prone to acne because it contains Cocos Nucifera (coconut) Fruit Extract.  Save this for skin that is dry, reactive, and in need of some barrier restoration (that isn't acne prone).


PHA Purifying Cleanser 

Possibly my favorite cleanser from Mutoface because of how gentle it is even though it's providing some exfoliation. 

This is a great everyday cleanser, and it's packed full of botanicals that I'm obsessed with!

  • Sage is anti-inflammatory and has antiseptic properties
  • Jasmine is rich in antioxidants
  • Rosemary is anti-inflammatory and increases blood flow

This is safe to use every day and it removes all of your makeup without feeling like it's also stripped your skin of natural oils


Mutoface Advance Skin Deep Cleanser


Advanced Skin Deep Cleanser

The Advanced Skin Deep Cleanser is not an everyday product.  This is best to use during a facial for oily/acneic clients, or before chemical peels.  

You can even leave it on for a few minutes for additional exfoliation!

My favorite way to use this in the treatment room is to first cleanse with the PHA purifying cleanser, and then to use this deep cleaning cleanser as a second cleanse. 




Mutoface has two peels: Alpha and Beta

The Alpha Peel is a PHA and AHA peeling solution for dry, aging skin.  It's great for those with sensitive skin since it's rather gentle.  I love using this at the beginning of a facial as an exfoliation step.  

The Beta Peel is a PHA and BHA peeling solution for oily and acneic skin. This is a stronger peel, and some tingling is normal. 

Both of these peels will require using the Sootera Neutralizer, which a bubbling neutralizing solution that instantly neutralizes and takes away any discomfort.  We are loving the use of carbonated water in this product (and other Korean neutralizing solutions) because it ensures even distribution, and it feels amazing!





Mutoface Soothing Toner
Mellow Soothing Toner
I love this product for very nostalgic reasons.  I'm not sure what is in it that gives it a very light airy floral smell, but it reminds me of living in Korea.  It's a very familiar smell and it's just beautiful!

This is a gentle hydrating toner that is both soothing, and refreshing.  It contains Lactobacillus/Soybean Ferment Extract which is amazing at supporting a healthy skin barrier.
I have a couple of ways I use this:
  • Empty into hand and push into the skin - I'm not a fan of cotton balls. I find pushing it into the skin makes such a difference in absorption
  • Add a little to face masks for some added hydration 


Serum + Moisturizers

Fastflex Repair Ampoule

I love this product, because it's a powerhouse of antioxidants!

Acai berry is rich in Omega Fatty Acids (3, 6 and 9)!

Elderberry has antibacterial properties and helps regulate oil production

Cranberries are high in Vitamin C and have wonderful brightening properties

Blackberries help fight off free radicals

This is a hydrating, brightening, and anti-aging serum, and I use it daily!


O'Melon Calming Soothing Gel

This should be a staple in every esthetician's treatment room! The O'Melon Calming Soothing Gel is incredibly soothing.  Here are my favorite ways to use it: 

  • Apply after waxing
  • Use after chemical peels with O'Melons Derma Coolers
  • Keep a bottle in our fridge and use with cryo for clients who have rosacea or really sensitive skin
  • Use with Zena's Algae Peel to loosen it up for easy removal

There are so many ways to incorporate this product into our services, it's the most versatile product, ever!


Coatigen Repair Gel Cream

It's not quite a cream, lotion, balm, or gel.  So I guess that's why it's called a gel cream, haha.  All I know is this is a amazing occlusive barrier gel cream that truly helps protect and restore the skin barrier.  It can be used post chemical peels, at the end of the facial to create a barrier (especially in the cold winter months), and it's even a great retail product for eczema! 


So there you have it, a breakdown of Mutoface's professional skincare line which is deeply rooted in botanical extracts

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