3 Facial Add-Ons To Make You More Money

Posted by Sarah Kinsler-Holloway on

I don't know about you, but I love a good add-on to a facial, or as I call them in my studio, ritual enhancements. I feel like it just takes the whole experience to the next level! 

The truth is, just about anything could be added on to a facial. But, for this post, I wanted to share with you three of my most popular ritual enhancements.


Dermal Infusion

Dermal infusion is another name for nano-needling (I use our Reset Skin System Pen).  This is something that is done at the end of a facial, to help serums penetrate and absorb better into the skin.  The serum blend I use is a customized blend using Matrigen's lines of ampoules. 

I love these ampoules because they are effective, and leave the skin glowing and hydrated!



Milia Removal

Oh my goodness, Milia is such a bitch, isn't she?  In 2021 I was so fed up with using lancets, I started researching easier ways to remove milia, which led me to the Spotless Device by Neogenesis. Once I tried it, I instantly threw my lancets away. 

The Spotless is a RF Plasma device that essentially melts the milia, allowing it to be absorbed by the skin. 

It's safe, and effective, and super fast.  I'm talking a few seconds per milia spot. 

This ritual enhancement is done at the end of the facial, because you don't want to apply anything to the skin afterwards.  Full protocol is sent at time of purchase. 

I charge $50 an hour, so even if there's just one little milia, that's an additional $50!


Brow Wax

I know this seems super obvious, but it's so easy to add a brow wax on to a facial. If I have 5 facial clients, and do a brow wax for each, that's an additional $110 (less backbar costs) for the day. 

Tip: If you're also using an enzyme or chemical exfoliation at the beginning of a facial, cover the freshly waxed skin with an occlusive cream so that the exfoliating agent doesn't travel onto the new skin. 


If you don't currently have add-on options, I hope you consider adding them.  They can make a $400 day turn into a $550 day, and at the end of the week they add up, fast!  I make approximately $1400 in ritual enhancements a month.  Not bad, huh?


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