KrX Custo:Med Oxy Boost Tablet (STEP 1)

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It is used to carbonate the facial water to release CO2 and boost facial treatments. This helps detox and minimize the pores, smoothens the skin and reduce texture.

About Custo:med

Is a full facial system where the actives are fully customized by the esthetician and/or by the client according to requirement, skin concern, skin type and many more.

The treatment is bespoke and personal, Where esthetician use only what is needed, according to client’s skin requirement and treatment plan.

Custo:Med is made up of 4 simple but effective and potent formulations.

Step 1: Oxy Boost Tablet Step 2: Base Gel
Step 3: Powder Actives Step 4: Concentrate

The Step 1 is used to condition and prepare the skin for better and maximized facial experience.

Ingredients & General Protocol 

all skin types

Citric Acid, Sodium Bicarbonate, Sodium Carbonate

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