Valentine's Day Promo Ideas for Spas

Posted by Sarah Kinsler-Holloway on

With Valentines Day just a few short weeks away, it’s time to plan and schedule any promotions you’ll be running.

No promotion in the works? Well, we’re here to help! Here are some of our favorite Valentines Day promotions for estheticians

Complimentary gift bag with facial – Bonus points if it’s Valentines Day themed. We’re thinking skincare, maybe a few high end chocolates. This could be the perfect opportunity to network with a local sweets shop.

Complimentary gift bag with gift card purchase – this makes gift giving for the significant other even easier! It’s like a two for one special!

Themed facials – Rose is a scent that isn’t for everyone, but those who love the scent, love it hard. Rose can be utilized in so many different ways. Think warm rosehip facial massage. Chocolate, although predictable, is another fun facial special,

Complimentary add-ons – Complimentary add-ons are a great way to add value to a service without discounting. We love jelly masks, and there are many red ones on the market. A red LED upgrade is another great option.

Warm rose oil scalp massage – Sounds divine, right?

Galentines mini facial spa day – Not everyone celebrates valentines day, but Galentines? Everyone has a gal friend they’d like to have a spa day with. Put together a fun spa package that two friends can take advantage of!

We hope you enjoyed these Valentines Day spa promo ideas. Do you have any you’d like to share?

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