Understanding the Derma W Ultrasonic Skin Spatula + Analyzer

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We’ve been getting a lot of questions about the Derma W Gold Skin Spatula, so I wanted to create a blog about everything you need to know about this awesome tool, and why it’s a go-to for me in the treatment room.

Skin spatulas, as far as I’m concerned, are underrated. For the price point, it’s one of the most valuable tools you can have. It helps with extractions, provides a superficial exfoliation, encourages product penetration, and can give a lifting effect.

The Derma W is a one-of-a-kind, patent pending technology, that not only acts as a skin spatula, but also measures the moisture levels of the skin. A total game changer!


Skin Analysis

Measuring the moisture levels within the skin is an exciting new technology. With the Derma W, you can receive real time hydration results via bluetooth.  They have an app you can download, and it’s easy to share the results with your client.

To test is super easy:  Apply the tip of the spatula to the area you’d like a reading.  A painless electric current is passed through the skin to measure conductance  (the skin’s ability to conduct or pass an electrical charge).


Cleansing and Peeling Mode

The first mode (Cleansing and Peeling) vibrates at 30,000 hz to 33,000 hz per second!  This mode works by oscillating debris out of the pores, while also providing superficial exfoliation.  My favorite way to incorporate this into a facial is by removing enzymes masks with it.  Enzymes help soften, and further exfoliate the skin, and the two work beautifully together.

Pro Tip: Be sure to use this mode on wet skin for the comfort of your client, and do not use too much pressure.  I often hold a damp fan brush in one hand, and the spatula in the other, and use them synergistically.

Nutrition Mode

The second setting, Nutrition mode (more commonly recognized as the ion mode), should be used with water soluble serums, such as Vitamin C. This works by inducing the travel on ions, which then attach to the molecules in the products, helping them to absorb more effectively.


Firming Up Mode

Firming Up, also known as lifting, works by sending pulses into the muscles, actively lifting the face. This is in no way a replacement for microcurrent, but if you’re short on money, time, or just want to provide a quick lift, this a great start.  I generally use this setting when applying fat soluble products like creams.  Do not use this setting on dry skin, it will not feel pleasant.


If you’re looking for a solid spatula, with a year warranty, and lifetime support, I encourage you to check out the Derma W Spatula. Everything you need (besides the free app) comes in the box: spatula, charger, directions.

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