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It’s undeniable the industry has progressed through a major transformation; in an industry centered on human contact, we suddenly must find ways to touch our clients remotely. We can continue to grow; we simply need to adapt to the new environment. Don’t let fear run your business. 

One aspect that has been impacted is retail. Retail is going to be instrumental in keeping some of our businesses afloat, especially as we regain footing.

Here are some tips on how to protect and grow your retail sales:


For those who are early in their career, and have limited clientele, it’s important to strategize.

  • Set up your Instagram so that you can tag products and link them to your online store. To do this, you will need to have a business Facebook account and a catalog of the items you sell. This makes it easier for potential customers to shop.
  • Create content and post on your Instagram/Facebook regularly. Take photos that make your products stand out. If you are not good at taking photos, there is an easy workaround. Do a hashtag search and use someone else’s photos as a “repost”, just make sure to give them credit. This can also help build your following. There are also companies that create product content for companies. You send them your products to photograph, and they will send you photographs you can use for your feed.
  • Post products in your stories, and get creative! That means creating videos using it, talking about the product and why the potential customer will want to add it into their routine.
  • Write a blog about a product or about your routine and link it to your website. This creates free SEO for you.
  • Offer samples to people.
  • Ask those who purchase from you to tag you in their stories on social media (maybe even provide them some incentive to do it?!)
  • Be consistent! You may feel like you’re annoying, however posting once a day is totally fine!
  • When mailing out products include a thank you with 10-15% their next order.


You already have clientele, but there’s always room to grow, right? The above suggestions apply to you, but here are a few more:

  • Email clients and let them know about new stock.
  • Send out newsletters highlighting products, ingredients, suggested routines, etc.
  • Reach out to your consistent buyers and send them product recommendations.
  • When sending products, add a few samples you think they may like. A handwritten note explaining why they may like the product is a really nice touch. I do this with a 10% coupon included.


  • There’s no better feeling than having full books and retail shelves you can’t keep stocked. I am shocked by how many established estheticians don’t have online shops. If you don’t, now is the time to make one! It makes it so much easier for your clients to order from you and I guarantee your retail sales will increase!
  • I would suggest bringing in some new lines, and possibly more than just skincare. If you can swing it, devices, tools, and body care could be a great addition.
  • I think the take-away from all of this is to create a strategy that focuses on retail sales supplementing your income. This will allow you to thrive in this new environment. 

Looking for retail inspo? Check out our board on Pinterest for Retail Display Inspiration

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