How To Properly Use Sheet Masks In The Treatment Room

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I love using sheet masks in the treatment room because of how versatile they are. There are so many ways to use them!

O'Melon has a line of professional sheet masks that address pretty much any skin concern you may encounter.   There are so many ways I incorporate them into a facial, and I thought it might be helpful to share.

Also check out our Youtube video all about each mask! 

XO Pre-Extraction Mask

 Let's start with the XO mask by O'Melon

This is a pre-extraction mask that helps soften the skin, prepping for extractions, while also giving a light chemical exfoliation.  The trifecta of  AHA, BHA and PHA  makes it ideal for those with a lot of congestion, and even makes a world of difference on those whose skin is dehydrated. 

I recommend using this after cleansing, and right before manual extractions or prior to a hydroderm treatment. It loosens blackheads, making them slip out just like butta.

Shining Water Mask

The Shining Water Mask is a super hydrating mask, that contains a beautiful marriage of hydrating ingredients.

AquaXYL, a 3D hydrating model, reinforces the synthesis of essential lipids and proteins within the skin. 

Fermented Salicornia Herbacea extract, (a succulent) increases the production of lipids in the skin. 

Peach extract helps brighten the overall complexion and is also incredibly hydrating. 

This mask is made for infusion (in my opinion).  I recommend using it with your skin spatula, derma healer, or any device that aids in absorption.

Vita Glow 

The Vita Glow is a skin brightening mask that has a ton of ingredients that target hyperpigmentation.

Glutathione fights oxidative stress, and is a superhero when it comes to treating and preventing hyperpigmentation.

Rose extract has a beautiful anti-inflammatory effect, and is ideal for all skin types.

I will often apply this mask in conjunction with LED.  After 10-15 minutes I will remove and nano-needle the rest of the serum into the skin. If you need a little more serum, don't forget to check the package!

Honey Lifting Mask

Honey Lifting is for those concerned with fine lines, premature aging, barrier impairment. It's all about the "anti's" with this mask.

Adenosine is a skin restoring agent. It is derived from yeast, and studies have shown significant improvement in skin texture, including fine lines, and an overall reduction in the depth of wrinkles. 

Royal Jelly contains an acid called 10-hydroxy-trans-2-decenoic acid which stimulates firbroblast production which is always a good thing. 

Again, use this mask with any device to help encourage absorption. 


HC Calming Mask

The structure of the HC Calming Mask is a different structure than the ones above. This is 3D hydro gel mask that comes in two pieces. 

It is incredibly calming and hydrating, great for using on barrier impaired skin or post peel.  

This is an excellent mask to use with cryo, we love using them with Derma Coolers

This is our top selling mask to date, but that might be changing with the launch of the Returning Core Mask

Returning Core

The Returning Core is O'Melon's newest mask that uses graphene, an eco-friendly ingredient that facilitates the flow of biocurrent and helps the skin absorb the active ingredients.

It is called the circuit board facial.
A little bit about the skin's bioelectrical activity....

There are electrical currents that occur within our bodies. These currents are used by cells to regulate a variety of functions, including our skin tissue.

Bioelectricity directly influences wound healing, stimulating cell proliferation and enhancing cell to cell communication. 

Our skin's bioelectrical conductivity can fluctuate depending on a number of factors, including hydration, stress and disease. 

The Returning Core mask helps facilitate the healing process and detoxification of the skin. 

We recommend using this mask with LED, per the recommendation of O'Melon.

Sheet masks have been a constant in my life since living in Korea, and have been a staple in the treatment room ever since I became licensed.  I think they are so underrated given as much versatility they provide. 

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