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How Do Clients Remember You?

What is your “special touch”, “trademark”, or the “thing” that clients have come to love and expect from you? It could be you started it on purpose, or by accident, but either way, embrace it! We are fortunate and in the unique position where our profession allows us to touch and connect with other people. We make others feel relaxed, beautiful, healthy, and more confident for a living. How cool!

If you don’t have a special touch that sets your apart, here are some of our favorites that we’ve heard from fellow estheticians over the years. Let this serve as inspiration in finding how you might create (or revamp) your defining “thing”:

1. “I have a phone charging pad so they can charge their phone during services. Clients have come to rely on this!”

2. “I provide small personal soaps when clients get a Brazilian Wax. The soaps helps with dryness and ph balance.”

3. “I include a short temple & head massage with brow waxes. They love it, and is a good way to get talking about facials.”

4. “I ding a chime softly or use my Tibetan bowl to start and conclude the treatment. Clients find it unique and unexpectedly relaxing.”

5. “I leave some dry shampoo and a comb when clients get dressed. Usually my clients are out running errands or on lunch break, so this help them look like they didn’t just see their esthetician.”

6. “I love putting a drop of essential oil on the pillow (even customizing whether it’s something seasonal; using lavender if the client could benefit from relaxing, or peppermint if nauseated, etc..).”

7. “I leave a “pop-up” inspiring card on their table each visit. I send a hand written thank you after their first visit, and send personal notes checking in once a year. I’ve had clients tell me I’m the only person they’ve gotten a hand written note from in years!”

We are privileged with getting to make others feel good, inside and out. How can we make that feeling last even longer for them?

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