Are Your Books Dead? Time for an Audit

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Your books are looking a little empty, and you don’t know what to do. Maybe you’re just starting out, or maybe this has been an ongoing problem, either way let’s do a little audit, shall we?


A website is an extension of our business, therefore we need to have one, and it should be fully functional. Broken links are frustrating, and can deter potential customers. 

The ability to book should be easy, and not an elaborate maze.  It’s equally important for the website to look professional, in both design, and tone. Brittany from Powerhouse Brand Studio has a great article about 5 Essential Homepage Features That You Need. She walks you through the basics, in a very relatable way.

Facebook, Instagram, and the like, are also important.  The way the consumer searches, and ultimately decides is constantly changing, but we know that social media platforms can be a game changer.  Make sure all social media platforms are linked together for consistency. 


We are in the service industry, which means we have to be open to working weekends and evenings, at least in the beginning. If the hours aren’t convenient for the 9-5 client, chances are they’ll look elsewhere. A great way to find out what hours are best is to ask!  Ask on Facebook, or post an online poll. 


Being a newbie has it’s challenges, including having to build clientele. But, don’t worry, this takes consistency, patience, and time, and isn’t easy for anyone. It’s part of the grind of being a solo esthetician. Make sure to network with local businesses, and put yourself in the position to meet potential clients. 


The client journey begins the moment the potential client learns about us. 

Read our blog The Client Experience: It’s in the Details

It’s important to take a full inventory of the client experience: the booking experience, reminders and follow up emails/texts, their first impression upon entering our space, and of course, the actual service, and everything in between.

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