Team 'No Steam'

Team 'No Steam'

We don't use a steamer in our facials. Not because I'm necessarily "against" it, but truthfully, because I wasn't trained with one, and there are ways to obtain the same result without one. Although not the reason, it's also super nice be free of another device hogging floor space.  Our extension cords are already maxed out and I'm not trying to trip on anything else (oh! and not have to get distilled water!). Here are the ways we achieve skin softening, etc. without one:

1.) Use our Translucent Wraps instead of steam over enzymes

The thin plastic of these wraps traps the heat, thus helping to activate enzymes and keep product from drying out. 

2.) Increase the wrap's efficacy by applying a hot towel on top

This is one of our favorite tricks for congested skin or if short on time. The bonus is the towel can still be used after removing the translucent wrap to take off product. 

3.) Use every degree of heat from towels and mitts

I don't ditch the towels or mitts until they're room temperature. I need all the heat to help soften and cleanse. With our mitts, I will also use them as warm compresses on certain parts of the face before putting them on my hands and using them to remove product. 

4.) Use Omelon's XO Mask 

Designed to prepare the skin for extractions, the XO mask utilizes AHA, BHA, and PHA to purify the skin and loosen excess sebum for removal. For very congested skin, a warm towel can be used even over the mask for supreme skin softening. 


Although we love a piece of skincare equipment, a steamer is not one that's missed in our spa. By utilizing supplies you likely already have, you, too, can forgo the distilled water store trips; and if you're like us, trip over your ring light instead =)

Here's a video to help all this make more sense

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