Missed Opportunities

Missed Opportunities

 We’re all in this business for slightly different reasons. A couple of the common ones are to make clients feel good about themselves and to make some money while doing it. Every client we see is an opportunity to achieve at least one of those goals. Here are a couple actions we may or may not take that can cause us to miss an opportunity with our client: 

  1. Not discussing the clients’ goals from the service. For some services, it’s obvious (no hair there, fuller lashes) but for facials, specifically, it may not be as clear. Do they want to relax? Are they having breakouts? Hyperpigmentation? This seems obvious, but based on conversations I’ve had with women who’ve had facials recently, this conversation isn’t always happening. Their goal should determine our plan of action. Also, our plan based on their goals should be thought about ahead of time. All of this will help create a more beneficial experience for our clients (and ourselves!). One of our common goals.
  2. Retail isn’t clearly displayed and easily available. It’s not enough to simply talk about products. Clients need to see (and even feel) it. Even if it’s just to remind them it exists. I’m often surprised how many clients ask about our makeup we have displayed, even when it’s never mentioned (I guess we need to mention it =). They’re quality products, thus giving clients good results and making us some more money--two of the goals we have.
  3. Next appointment/follow up isn’t mentioned. No matter the client’s reason for seeing us, some suggestion about returning needs to be given. Even if the client had a gift card and only wanted a relaxing facial, we “suggest a deep cleanse, thorough hydration, and ‘you’ time AT LEAST quarterly” (for example). Other skincare concerns can make it easier to develop a plan and, in turn, discuss their next visit/homecare. 

Being thorough, professional, and personable can go a long way in helping us fulfill every opportunity. Consequently, making our clients happier and us more money. 

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