Reward Points for Spas

Building Loyalty + Creating Repeat Clients in the Solo Spa

We are so thankful for every person we have walking through our door, perhaps now more than any time before. 

The question is: how to get them to return, and more importantly, resist the allure of the bigger local spas? Here are some proven loyalty/membership programs (I will use these terms interchangeably here) proven to work in a more intimate spa setting:

  • Provide clients a membership discount if they pre-book. Set the time that works for you: maybe it’s just if they pre-book at all, because you have more regimented treatment clients; maybe it’s 4 weeks? Then provide a discount if they book within the specified timeframe. The discount and pre-book window should make sense for the service you’re providing and for your profit margin. The benefit is the client doesn’t do anything, just re-books. Their commitment to coming back (which you can attribute to your awesome service!) alone will save them some money. I’m a sucker for these types of programs because the only requirement is that I open my calendar and show up to an appointment.
Woodhouse Day Spa Reward Program
  • Create package memberships specific to certain services. This blurs the line between “memberships” and “packages” but I’m just going with it for this post. What are your popular services? Which have the most profit? Which will your clients see the most benefits if they return within a specified amount of time? I’ve seen buy 4 waxes, the 5th is free. 10% off a package of 4 microderms or peels. There are so many. Figure out what best meets the needs of your clients and bundle it into an easy to understand package. Don’t make them figure out the benefits, tell them.
  • Buy the membership and receive a discount on services/retail. Clients pay a set price (let’s say $50 annual membership fee) and they receive a discount on services and retail (let’s say 10% on services, 15% on retail). This should obviously make sense financially for your services and retail, but that’s a good place to start. I’ve seen many clients mark their calendars for when their membership will expire, just so they could remember to renew. I’m not nearly that organized, but I love being a member of anything, so I always buy into these deals. Do the math for them and sell it by telling them how quickly the membership pays for itself. You’re not being pushy, you’re just stating math facts.
  • Create a punch card program. Hand out cards any chance you get, even outside of your spa. Give a punch for each service. The school lunch kid in me has always loved this idea. 5 punches equal a specific dollar discount, not a percentage ($20 off next service?) It’s more enticing and clear numbers are easier to understand. When a client buys a gift card, they get a punch. They buy retail, they get a punch. It’s their birthday month, punch. Don’t be too liberal with the punches but make it a focus. Not everyone will remember they have a card, but when you ask (maybe even before their service?!) they’ll likely dig it out from somewhere.

We all want (and need!) loyalty. Get to know your clients and pick a plan that makes sense and is comfortable for you. Your services and results will leave them wanting to return; the combination of the money they’ll save and support they’ll feel they’re providing will ensure they return.

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